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These are unprecedented times. Many people are feeling isolated and are struggling to find the support they need, whilst charities and organisations are short of vital volunteers.

At aDoddle.org, we were already developing area-based community maps, connected to aDoddle’s UK wide platform. Building a resource that helps both potential volunteers and those who need support to discover local organisations. We are now ‘fast-tracking’ the launch of these maps to help support people, organisations & communities in these testing times. The maps are still in their infancy – but will be here long after Covid19 has gone.

We now need YOUR HELP to raise awareness and encourage charities and organisations to create a free profile. Sharing: who they help, how they help, the difference they make, the help they need and how to contact them to either access to help, offer to volunteering or give a donation. These organisations will also need as much support in the coming months to get back up and running, and you can help by encouraging them to use aDoddle to share what support they need.

Stay Safe and Healthy – The aDoddle Team

Discover and Help Shape Your Community

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Traffic Light System, easily see when profiles were last updated based on colour (green last 6 months, orange 6-12 months and red over 12 months ago)

Add Your Charity or Community Orgnanisation to the Map Now – It’s Free

This link takes you to aDoddle.org, our partner who hosts our community map for us, and once you have added your profile it will be visible on our community map and the UK wide aDoddle map, making it easier for people to find you – all of this is free.

Dawlish Community Map is a collaborative project between aDoddle.org & ROC Dawlish.

It’s development has been s​upported by The National Lottery Community Fund #CelebrateNationalLottery25

We are seeking a second proactive & established community organisation with good local links & networks to partner with us.

Supported by local businesses

Are you a local business? Would you like to support your community by helping people to find and connect with local charities & organisations?  Yes? Please click below to contact us.

Community Maps - Making it as easy to find local charities & community organisations as it is to find a hotel or restaurant on Google Maps, all with a few clicks of a button, 24 hrs a day and free to use

Our Partner Organisations

In 2017 the first ROC Dawlish meeting took place. Over 140 local residents came together to talk about ways to strengthen and support our community.
​A key issue that came up in conversation was the fact that many people still didn’t really know what was happening locally. This included where people could connect with others, where they could get help, or even give help through volunteering.

​So ROC Dawlish has partnered with aDoddle.org, a Dawlish based UK wide initative, to map the amazing charities, community groups and opportunities that exist on our doorstep.

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Seeking a Partner Organisation

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​​We are seeking an established, proactive local organisation that has good networks in the local community. If you think this is you please contact us.

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Community Mapping Makes it aDoddle to…


aDoddle to find help and support

​Life can throw anyone a 'curve ball' at times. It can come out of nowhere, with no warning and we need support. aDoddle helps you to easily find help and support within your community for you, a family member or friend.


aDoddle to find places to connect with others in your community

​Hidden within our communities are groups and organisations that help to connect you with others who have similar interests. It could be walking, photography, local history, technology.


aDoddle to find ​volunteering opportunities

​Giving your time through vounteering is a great way to meet new people and make a difference in yourcommunity. Volunteering is also said to be good for your health. 66% of volunteers say it increases their self-esteem.


aDoddle for charities & local community organisations: Connect, share, collaborate

​​The majority of UK charities and community groups are run by incredible teams of dedicated volunteers and funding is often very tight, with many services being run on goodwill.


aDoddle for businesses: Find charities & local community organisations to support

​During our research we came across many businesses who told us that they wanted to support their local community. aDoddle is a great tool to help those businesses easily find local charities and groups to support.

​Add Your Charity or Community Orgnanisation to the Map Now - It's Free

​Connecting You With Your Community - One Click at a Time